Large Scale Modular Kitchen for a Prison

PKL constructed a prison kitchen for a temporary custodial facility built alongside existing prison buildings.

The 560 m sq modular kitchen was delivered to site 13 weeks after receiving the order from the main contractor and was handed over to the client eight weeks later.

The kitchen was built using off-site construction techniques, which helped to greatly reduce the overall lead-time of the project and contained a number of unique features.  It has been designed to blend in with its surroundings and is fully relocatable so that it can easily be moved to another part of the site if needed.

PKL has over 30 years’ experience of designing modular buildings and, using the very latest off-site construction techniques, has delivered many permanent modular kitchen projects throughout the UK.

Our modular kitchens are designed bespoke for your requirements,  meaning that they can be adapted according to the equipment required, the amount of people catered for, staffing levels and the number of meals that will be served each day.

Specifying a modular kitchen can help to drastically reduce the overall timescale of a project, as design and off-site building takes place at the same time as work on the construction site. The kitchen arrives on-site fully equipped, negating any fit-out time, and it is ready for connection to the required utilities.

PKL provides a complete ‘turnkey’ solution covering design, planning, construction, M&E, equipment, installation, commissioning and service.

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