Modular Kitchen for Food Manufacturer in Spain

After a two decades working in International Development, Robert Brunt decided he wanted start his own business in 2016.

Moving to the beautiful Spanish city of Valencia, Robert took some time out to explore his options. Around the city he began to see large fields growing Tiger Nuts. These amazing tubers are grown all around the city and are used to produce the traditional drink Horchata de Chufa.

Robert set up a new company called Tiger and Bean and began to experiment with recipes using the Tiger Nut, specifically a chocolaty drink and a chocolate bar, using the creamy, nutritious milk produced by the nuts.

Robert spent two years researching the right equipment he needed, buying industrial machines from chocolate manufacturers to help streamline his production process, and soon realised that he was going to outgrow his home kitchen. However, in the early days of a business, Robert was reluctant to invest in a rental property.

He began to think about a modular solution to his problem when he discovered PKL and saw the permanent modular kitchens they offered. He wanted to create a testing kitchen that would be a stepping stone to larger scale production.

He worked with the PKL design team to create a kitchen that incorporated his new equipment and allowed him to have a streamlined process when he began production commercially.

Thanks to this design, Robert purchased a brand new bespoke modular kitchen in February 2018. The choice to buy a modular solution was quickly vindicated as Robert was offered the chance to rent a small industrial premises. He simply had his kitchen moved into the new facility. As he builds towards a full launch of his Tiger Nut products brand, he is planning to run his test kitchen alongside a small production line.

“The kitchen has worked really well thanks to the design PKL and I worked to refine and achieve,” said Robert. “Everything has been measured to the millimeter and it is perfect. I had an idea and PKL had the expertise to turn it into something that is better than I hoped!

“Ed and the design team have delivered great service to provide the kitchen I needed. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say I couldn’t have got this off the ground without them.”

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