Commonwealth Games Temporary Kitchen and Dining Facilities for Athlete’s Village

Over 6,500 staff from over 70 different countries competed across 17 different sports at the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games. Additionally, there were over 2,500 workforce personnel. A temporary main kitchen and dining hall was set up to feed all athletes,  which was operational 24 hours,  and served over 20,000 meals per day.

With an overall footprint of 6,800m2, PKL’s scope of work was complex due to the design and set up of the temporary kitchen to fit within a tent structure. The main dining hall was located inside an existing cold shell space that was purpose built to accommodate future tenancy for a large scale supermarket.

Due to our vast experience supplying the temporary catering facilities at other major games we were able to overcome the many challenges faced on site. This included bringing together service interfaces between the tent construction and permanent construction for games time and legacy use. On top of this, it wasn’t just the normal distribution of gas, water and electrics, as PKL also worked on sourcing and procuring the tent structure, tent air handling and air conditioning systems.

Additionally, the site for the temporary kitchen facility was also on a slope of 1.5m meaning a construction of a scaffold foundation system was required. The total construction period was within an extremely short time frame. PKL was on site from mid November and despite the tight period, the facility was handed over in mid February. There followed exhaustive testing and commissioning procedures before the building was finally handed over to the Games Organising Committee.

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